The Social Justice Paintings of Ashley Milburn    2012   

BlackFace                             Ashley Milburn                      2012

Computer Graphic


   The act of visualizing racism is a specific and intentional act to directly challenge the physiological impact of racist imagery. To visualize and understand racism you first must acknowledge that the foundation of what we call racism is grounded in centuries of image making designed to dehumanize and manipulate a race of people into believing that they have no self-worth. 

   I created the concept of "FLIP" to draw its imagery from photographic archives of historical evidences of racism. Flip creates a new and dynamic message over the old that seeks to disarm the negative messages. Transforming these dehumanizing codes, embedded in racist imagery, begins the renewal processes for breaking the deep physiological  addiction to them while not allowing us to forget the messages implanted within the racist images.



Works shown were created as digital art through PhotoShop GS2. They are sketches for larger works to be done in acrylics. For additional information  click Link 
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SLIDE LIST  (From top left to right)

Ascension         Ashley Milburn          Computer Graphic             2012

    What is our response to this kind of senseless victimization? Our usual response is t turn away from the documentation. How do we restore justice? The folks in Marion benefited from  the graphic developed. The photograph still goes unaddressed.  This was the first image I challenged. I struggled with for some time. Using a copy of a photo documented hanging event, I created, Ascension. Through an accident, I eliminated the ropes. The handing young men instantly appeared to be floating above the madness of the crowd. They were held up by an invisible force. It revealed itself to be an act of victimization. I turned the madness into a story of ascension and found the truth; there are those who need to persecute the innocence.

FLIP              Ashley Milburn            Computer Graphic                2012

This is a reverse flip that transfers the impact of the situation to solicit empathy for the victim. This is an iconic piece that keeps a lot of the negative, but tries to reverse the effect by making the police white and the protestors black. Again, the use of the murder of crows, here, give a sense of order and freedom as counter-point to the work’s theme.

Flag Dance                   Ashley Milburn                     2012

One of the most difficult Flipping I’ve had was with the black Face  image. This is the first somewhat successful confrontational

 image. But, it seems more of a wrestling with how strong an image it is. It makes one the “Step ’n Fetch “ in all of us..





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